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Jaybird’s X2 Wireless Earbuds struggle to reinvent the wheel like their predecessors

The X2 Wireless are Jaybird’s latest model of earbuds following their superb predecessor, the BlueBuds X wireless earbuds. Jaybird garnered quite the reputation with the original model for being one of the best options on the market for wireless earbuds, shaking up the market entirely. With the latest version, the X2 Wireless however, it seems Jaybird are trying to maintain that stronghold on the market, rather than taking risks and bringing any major improvements.

So what exactly are you getting with the Jaybird X2 Wireless?

Inside the box, we of course get the wireless earbuds, but that isn’t all that you find. Included are the Secure-Fit Ear Fins, which come in three different sizes and allow the perfect fit in-ear so the buds don’t fall out. I’ve found these to be extremely useful in situations where the buds would be more likely to fall out, such as playing sport or running, however, for use whilst sitting and relaxing, the fins aren’t really necessary. You’ll also find in the box the excellent Complyâ„¢ Foam Ear Tips, designed exclusively by Jaybird. The inclusion of these is a nice bonus as they were sold separately to the original model and definitely make a nice upgrade over the standard Silicone Ear Tips. The  Complyâ„¢ Foam Ear Tips fit snuggly into the ear and feel very comfortable as the foam expands for the perfect fit. I didn’t find any loss in quality with the foam tips and it didn’t seem to suffer from the ‘funnelling’ effect which foam tips can sometimes do. I did find the silicone tips warm up the sound slightly and don’t feel as comfortable in the ear but that may certainly come down to preference. Both Tips come in 3 different sizes to cater to whichever fits best for yourself.

Another thing you’ll find inside the box are the handy Cord Management Clips which help for tidying the lengthy cable up on the earbuds. Jaybird provide an extremely useful video tutorial on their website to guide you on folding the cable the correct way.


The X2 Wireless charge via microUSB, which plugs directly into the right earbud when the cap is lifted. A short microUSB cable is included in the box, although any other microUSB cable should do the job here. Once again, Jaybird have included a Silicone Carry Case, which, in some aspects is an improvement over the previous version but also a tad more inconvenient. The case is great and lightweight, feeling great in the hand and is also compact enough to throw at the bottom of a bag and not take up much space at all. It also looks very sleek and does a great job of fitting in the earbuds and accessories, however, the main issue is with the way the case seals. According to Jaybird, you “gently massage” the lid into place, however I find that this isn’t foolproof and I often end up pressing the lid inside the case, having to pull it back out again and retry. This isn’t a deal breaker, but still, was the previous case so bad that this compromise had to be made? I don’t think so.


The X2 Wireless come in 6 unique colours: Midnight, Ice, Alpha, Charge, Storm and Fire.

In terms of battery, it is definitely adequate, boasting 8 hours of usage, though for the heavy user you’ll be looking at charging these daily. Fear not though, 2 hours is all it takes for a full charge, or 90 minutes will give you around 2 hours of usage. A nice feature when paired with an iPhone is the ability to see a battery indicator on the top right which lets you know how much juice is left in the earbuds. No matter what device you pair with though, you’ll hear the lovely Jenna™ Voice Prompt give you a 20 minute warning when the battery is low. Speaking of Jenna, she comes in handy when you are powering the device on/off and connecting to a device when you can’t see the LED indicator on the side of the right earbud.


It’s also important to note that Jaybird offer a lifetime warranty against sweat. Whilst I haven’t personally had an issue, I’ve seen a couple of accounts online of people damaging their X2 by excessive sweat and in those cases it seems they were able to get a replacement without hassle.

The Jaybird X2 Wireless are certainly a premium product and the price tag reinforces this, although I’m not sure they are completely worth the cost. I admit, it is difficult to name a competitor which offers a better product for a lower price, though I would say if you don’t have the money to spend, you can pick up the original Jaybird BlueBuds X wireless earbuds now for a much cheaper price. If you are willing to spend the extra money for new colours, slightly superior audio quality and a few other under-the-hood upgrades then by all means, please do, the Jaybird X2 Wireless are fantastic Bluetooth earbuds. Just bear in mind, that the originals were also a superb product and they are available for a great price right now.

Jaybird X2 Wireless Earbuds Review
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