About Us

Lets first talk about Ads.

Now, you may have noticed (or not if you use an ad-blocker) that there are a distinct lack of banner ads and others of sort around our site. No, the reason for this isn’t some coding error. We will NOT show you ads on our site! Nobody wants to see ads breaking up the page when you’re trying to enjoy the content you’re looking at, and we certainly don’t want that either!

Now, you may from time to time see us endorse a product or website in one of our articles, but this will only be something we personally care about and believe our readers will too! So with that out-of-the-way, welcome to übernation.uk, here’s a little more about us:

What is übernation.uk?

übernation.uk takes a modern approach on presenting to you articles, reviews, podcasts, gaming videos, and more without the bias that saturates the web from similar sites. This whole thing started with three guys who loved talking about their passion for pro-wrestling. We decided to let the rest of the world in on our conversations and thats how all of this was born. Our goal is to create a community with our followers where you help shape our content across all of our platforms.

We truly thank-you for supporting us. We really aim to be as transparent as possible with you in this modern age where transparency is something a lot of companies have issues with. Check out more about us below, enjoy the ride and have a great day!


Aaron's all brains and no braun (talk about back handed complement) with a background in Digital Media and Marketing. He's a die hard wrestling fan and spends way too much time on r/SquaredCircle. He's also an avid gamer, photographer and techie.


Mike is the yin to Aaron and Adam's yang. He is also witty, quick and the master of banter. He's a big football fan (being a true Brit and all) and the man to go to if you're placing a bet. He's also probably the only John Cena mark over the age of 12.


If you're looking to party, this guy has got your back. Adam certainly ain't no lemon, that's for sure. He's a life long wrestling fan and a particularly big fan of a certain sinister Scotsman. On top of all that, he's a big PC gamer. #PCMasterrace